About Us

Xtraordinary Faith Gear came about as an idea to spread the gospel in a fun and practical way, combining the love for God’s word and the branding experience of Joanna and Jacques as well as the marketing expertise of Sandra and Shaun.

Joanna Engelbrecht

Jacques Engelbrecht

Sandra de Greeff

Shaun de Greeff

Joanna and Jacques

Owners of Be Bold Promotions &
Xparteez Event Management

With over 20 years of experience under her belt, Joanna has been in branding clothing, gifting and display since 2001 and was later joined by her husband Jacques.

Together they are a dynamic team who assist small to medium and private companies as well as NPO’S with all their branding needs.

They came to know the Lord in 2016 when Jacques ended up having to attend rehabilitation centres due to addiction and psychiatric health issues.

Their lives where turned upside down, however God makes beauty out of chaos and Jacques successfully came out of the rehabilitation centre healed and addiction free. God has truly done miracles in their lives and continues to do so.

Sandra and Shaun

Owners of Optic Blaze

Shaun & Sandra started Optic Blaze in 2009 with the dream of being self-employed. 11 Years down the line they have a successful ad agency specializing in online marketing.

Shaun & Sandra’s Christian walk started many many years ago and has seen them have many adventures. One being Youthworx where they volunteered as staff at SEP. A Christian Summer Educational Program. This was a 2 weeklong summer camp teaching youth more about life skills, social skills, sport and more about the value in living a Christ centered life. They are also very active in their local congregation as well as run weekly Faith Talk Groups.

They have firsthand experience in seeing how knowing Jesus and following his way of life changes lives.  They believe in the Xtraordinary miracles in the bible and that following Jesus and his way of life will result in you living an Xtraordinary life!